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traditional Guatemalan Garments

Having worked with various fabrics and designs most of my life I have been absolutely captured by the incredible weaving designs and bright fun colours that match the bright rich culture of the Mayan people.


In this phenomenal work the history and story of a family's cultural heritage is woven into a design that separates one family from another. The head scarves can take up to 2 months tho weave and the blouses as long as a year.

The wonderful colour combinations and patterns are hand woven and dyed using natural dyes from plant extracts. These extracts are derived from roots, flowers, bark and insects that are prevalent at different times of the year.




The people and the culture are one in many of the smaller towns. As the colours vie for a place in the tapestries they weave so do the people in the towns and societies in which they live. The bright colours all tell a story of who they are and where they come from. 

Weaving is something that most Guatemalan people grow up,  embroidering their culture and heritage into a practical form that announces who they are and where they come from.

Pride in their cultural heritage is now beginning to reform after the years of civil war. As new technology permeates the daily life of the people of San Juan la Laguna on Lake Atitlan, they weave these influences into their designs as if they were a normal part of their ancient Mayan culture. This natural incorporation enhances the tapestry of the life they live. 

This is evident in the designs on the other product pages in this website. The Traditional Garments Shop only shows one off pieces as they cannot be reproduced. 

The other shop pages contain more commercial products that although they can be reproduced are still home spun and created according to ancient Mayan designs.  

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The mens' designs are awesome. Contact us for a full showing of the styles and garments available as they are permanently changing as they leave the racks quite rapidly.

Guatemalan woven products

100% Cotton to 100% Silk Naturals

Hand Dyed - Hand Spun - Hand Woven


Hand Dyed - Hand Spun - Hand Woven

All fabrics are entirely handmade from the picking of the cotton and silk to the spinning and dying processes and finally to the weaving.

Each design can be custom created to fit the feel and texture you require for your application. Many of the woven fabrics are integrated into bags, shoes, belts dresses and other garments. 

The tightness and design of the weave as well as the natural cotton and silk blends offer the ultimate variation of heavy and coarse to ultra fine ans silky finishes. 

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