BMS & San Juan Cooperative identify and Bacterial problems on Lake Atitlan

Generally regardless of the town all storm / waste water is run directly into the final down stream collection point, (Sea or Lake).  This has occurred for 100's of years in Latin America increasing the bacterial levels in the river bed strata as well as the lake beds.

BMS / Dillon Oberholzer designed and prototyped a filtration and dispersion system to combat and eradicate both the Bacteria and Micotoxins / Aflatoxin whilst eliminating heavy metals from the natural main drinking water sources.  

Micro Diversity Assays / Lake Atitlan


Open School Programs: 

San Juan Cooperative provides English classes free of charge to help local schools and teachers cope with the demand of our advancing society and its requirements. 

Our teachers go to schools that request additional fortification in English for their students and teachers alike , whist following the schools curriculum


Private Classes: 

The San Juan Cooperative English School offers private classes for direct tutoring  in English.

These classes are designed in preparation for further study and exams through international universities. 



San Juan Cooperative works closely with local BMS ( Bio Managent Services) in Guatemala to contain and control the spread of fungal diseases in farming.

San Juan Cooperative promotes and fosters "organic" farming methods as an alternative to "GMO" farming practices of corporate farming enterprises. 

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