Handcrafted leather belts, holsters, sheaths, phone cases, along with purses, hats, wallets, with
lots of leather accessories.


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Dillon Oberholzer is the founder and creative force behind San Juan Cooperative , a family-owned business on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala . With over thirty years of experience in the melding of ats, crafts, and some of the latest oganic technology through sustainable development programs and projects Dillon brings authenticity to every product he presents..

A global traveller, Dillon explores the world to discover unexpected materials and unique worldwide artisans styles and techniques to integrate into the "San Juan Coperative Collection"

Dillon works with Artists and crafters across Lake Atitlan who are best suited to make each of our products; using the most steadfast construction methods to support our 100% lifetime guarantee.

Dillon invites you to

" Discover your true piece of art "