Medivac Service


           Patient Care

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Whatever your emergency our 24 hr Medical Centers around Lake Atitlan can assist you and your family.

  Tel:  5113 5715

San Juan Cooperative works closely with the doctors and clinics around Lake Atitlan to help provide a comprehensive and responsive medical service in over 6 languages. If you have an emergency please call our 24 hour hotline and we will connect you with the closes available doctor , dentist or medical center available.

Lake Atitlan Dental

Emergency Dental Care  & Checkups

We also offer Comprehensive Treatment Plans Initial exam and x-rays                      


Frail Care Facilities

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Lake Atitlan offers some of the finest full service frail care and convalescent centers available with state of the art equipment and internationally trained staff. All this only 3 hours flight from New York. Many of our centers will work with you local doctors directly to make you stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.  


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From routine checkups to immunizations, Lake Atitlan Pediatric Centers are equipped to handle all of your child's health needs. 

From routine checkups to immunizations, Lake Atitlan Pediatric Centers are equipped to handle all of your child's health needs. 


If you're looking for accessible pediatric care, a child–friendly environment, and a responsive team of pediatricians on Lake Atitlan, then look no further. Lake Atitlan Pediatricians love kids, and our goal is to have a positive impact in the lives of children by providing exceptional health care and compassionate service to the families we serve.


We offer a full range of pediatric care including prenatal visits for expecting parents, well–child check–ups, immunizations and sick appointments. Our caring team is committed to providing quality service in a comfortable, safe office setting where children and parents can feel at ease. We also set aside time to equip parents with the tools and resources necessary for the development of healthy children from birth to adolescence

Emergency Rooms

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Regardless of your emergency our centers are here to help.

Our Lake Atitlan Clinics offer state of the art facilities and internationally trained staff for both immediate 24 hour service and planned surgery. We cater to most budgets and confer with your local doctors for patient history diagnosis and peace of mind.    

Prenatal Care

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Through numerous locally and internationally funded institutions and programs the local clinics offer prenatal nutrition and medical guidance .

San Juanerita is one of the clinics in San Juan la Laguna offering numerous programs both to the local Mayan people and tourists alike.

Dr. Israel Mendez of AMI San Lucass the founder and head doctor here in San Juan offering a full range of prenatal services and guidance in San Juan

Patient Diagnosis



Regardless of your ailment our doctors and clinics in and around Lake Atitlan are here to help.

Whether you have a skin rash or an upset stomach we are here.

For more serious cases  and pre-existing conditions our specialists offer world class services and advise.

Many of our Doctors are internationally trained with degrees and diplomas from international universities.

24 Hr. Pharmaceutical



The Pharmaceutical services are wide and comprehensive. Ranging from the corner store to the full service centers Lake atitlan has a comprehensive range of pharma products. 

Many of the locals do not speak English and we suggest that you call us here at San Juan Cooperative to help you translate any medication labels and dosages you might be taking before purchasing a comparable product here.  

Most medications are available, but normally under a different brand name.

X-rays & Imaging

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The clinics and hospitals around Lake Atitlan offer the latest in ex-ray and imaging media for diagnosis purposes.

Clinica Los Volcanes, located in San Pedro is just one of the many facilities that offer ex-ray and color ultra-sound imaging.

Copies of your ex-rays may be emailed to our facilities and doctors for medical purposes. 

Through medical interpreters and and local visiting professionals we offer state of the art services and a positive attitude  when reviewing your medical case, prognosis and history. 

Full Laboratory Services

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Laboratory services In Lake Atitlan are full and comprehensive. 

Although they are scattered around the lake as each facility will specialize in different services, most facilities are within 20 minutes ferry ride. 

There are more comprehensive facilities like Clinica Los Volcanes, however, almost every town has general services for blood sugar content verification, and stomach microbial count with bacterial identification. Specific kidney liver and other organ bacterial and function testing is taken to specific labs specializing in those areas.

Ultrasound Imaging

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Accurate Information

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Lake Atitlan Clinics offer the latest in Ultrasound Technology:

Offering the latest in 


  • bladder
  • brain (in infants)
  • eyes
  • gallbladder
  • kidneys
  • liver
  • ovaries
  • pancreas
  • spleen
  • thyroid
  • testicles
  • uterus
  • blood vessels