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Spray-Hood & Enclosure Manufacture

Frame Bending & Fabrication


1.  Once the client has signed off on the height, length, width and style of the dodger or enclosure the frames can be made. 

2.  The size of the frame required depends on the size of the structure.

3. It is important for both the canvas company's reputation and the resale value of the boat that the frame diameter is consistant with the structure and the environment it is going to be used in.

Frame set up and layout 

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1. Once the frames have been bent or fabricated, as in an arch structure, the hardware / track if incorporated can be attached and set prior to the templating process.

3. At this point a 3D spacial model can be created to ascertain clearance space between the dodger frames and the winches / running gear.

4. Now the client can have a better idea as to the functionality of the dodger design and any limitations it may have. Compromises are part of the process.



1.The hardware choices are often economic decisions as prices may vary from $@ per fitting to $20. However, the correct fittings should be used to perform in the right way.  

download (1).jpg

Templating and pattern design

08 wrap around 2.jpg

Once the frame has been set and the track and hardware attached the templating or patterning process can begin. Although at this stage the CAD rendering is only a guide from which to work the patterns may be scanned later for mass production.


Close attention to detail and taking one's time on the templating process is of paramount importance. The tolerance between the template and the final product should be no more than 1 mm per 4 meters of finished product otherwise the final article is going to have wrinkles and ripples  which are unseemly to the client and show bad workmanship for the company.

Once the template is made special care is taken in the removal thereof. All notes need to be made on the template for later patterning instructions.

cutting the cloth / making patterns 


Here in this pic. the template has already been  cleaned and prepared for digital scanning which is then drafted with all fabrication instructions.   

The lines for the enclosure need to be as simple as possible. The simpler you can make the dodger and incorporate the features for for connectors, the easier it will be for an enclosure to be incorporated later. Keeping, where possible, a straight line from the bimini to the dodger is ideal but not always possible.


maxresdefault (3).jpg

Once the computer has cut out the pattern you can now trace these patterns again and again, ensuring a perfect fit every time. The same goes with the frames which have their own pattern made and digitized. For more information please contact us.



Stitching and styling are part of the individual shops signature. 

When a client first views the workmanship or stitching styling, the various designs need to be shown in order for the client to appreciate the difference in the quality. 


Slick and quick stitching may give a nice finish but blind stitching and top stitching will last many more years.


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