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Stack Packs - Furling Systems - Rigging Design - Running Gear

This is an area I have a fair amount of experience in. 

Having owned and operated marine canvas and sail shops on the East and West coasts of the USA, in Panama, in Guatemala and Nassau the amount of work I have done boggles the mind.

I have made stack packs and re rigged masts and installed furling systems 2 miles up rivers in El Salvador  and tuned racing boats at the New York Yacht Club. Built carbon fiber booms in Seattle and wooden spars in Panama. These projects span  20 years work around the globe.

Standard Stack Packs are fine for off the shelf production boats but most yachts I have worked on require a little more than a membrane attached to a sail.

The Stack Pack performs two functions. The first is to help with the furling and reefing of the main, the second is to cover the main protecting it for the harmful UV rays. 

This requires some engineering  and knowledge of the reefing systems and how they are set up on each boat. Normally I would view the boat and check the sail and its running rigging prior to designing a system that works   on a particular vessel.

Covering the end of the boom and the reefing lines as well as the front of the boom and the winch systems is also important, thus a separate membrane is made to function as a cover for the head of the sail.

One project stands out. I was some where in the Bahamas windward island and had fabric flown in to fabricate a new stack pack and bimini and install a furling system for a 70 foot catamaran. All equipment was flown in and the work was completed in a week. I just happened to equipment on board.

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Dillon Francis