With over 1000 individual artists, weavers, artisans and craft business units, SJC coordinates and facilitates quality design and manufacturing of products for clients internationally.

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SJC Apparel & Manufacturing has provided factory direct apparel & manufacturing solutions to a number of distinguished clientele. We work with furniture manufacturers, clothing lines and brands as well as the marine industry, both young start-up companies and the well-established private labels. We are contract manufacturers with the ability to create your products on demand.

We also work with corporate customers to deliver the highest quality merchandise and supply chain products. We offer our clients customization services from design to distribution. SJC monitors & controls every step in between under one roof and in one place.



From sourcing to distribution

SJC is a one-stop Fabric, apparel & accessory manufacturer.

Take the next step and grow your business with SJC.  Your personalized workshop.


Ask for BMS anti microbial and water resistant finishes.

Also available are UV stabilizers for out door marine applications.

Send us your designs and we will make them for you.

Tolerances are with in 1 mm.


100% Cotton to 100% Silk Naturals

This is how all our fabrics start out.

This is how all our fabrics start out.

SJC Services

  • Pattern-making and grading

  • Prototyping and sample production

  • Medium to large quantity production runs

  • Sourcing and manufacturing in the USA with American labor

  • Consultation, helping companies organize and execute

  • Design services, from concept to a finished product

  • Please contact us with any inquiries. 

  • SJC manufacturing cooperatives are happy to make your designs under private label.

  • Our CAD capabilities enable you to email your patterns for local fabrication. 

  • SJC designing and patterning capabilities enable you to maximize your turnaround time from initial samples to line production. 

  • The products are still all hand made but with the precision and quality your clients demand.  

                     Design Station

                     Design Station

 Cutting Client Patterns for  perfect fit.

       Production Floor 1

       Production Floor 1

      Sample Design Room

        Production Floor 2

        Production Floor 2

 Your Fabric - Your Patterns - Your Way

   SJC Contract Cut and Sew

SJC Garment & Accessory Manufacturing Services, offer apparel development, sampling, and production services for your product line or label, providing creative design and development from concept to production through distribution.

With more than 30 years of experience in cut and sew garment manufacturing, SJC is absolutely committed to creating quality cut and sew procucts. Our state-of-the-art cut and sew contracting facility has the capacity for large order contracts - Cut and Sew — but we are capable of working with both small businesses and start-up fashion lines as well.

With cut and sew manufacturing by SJC Apparel, you get completely customized garments created from raw fabrics and stitched to perfection by our experienced and dedicated seamstresses. It’s not just screen printing a mass-produced blank t-shirt — with cut and sew garment production,  "you"  are creating the garment, from the fabric choice to stitch design and through to final decorations.

Go above and beyond the rest — and produce truly custom product for your brand.

SJC Fabrics & Designs

As each woven pattern has its own unique style combining both the texture created through blending raw cotton and silk into the design, the weavers of San Juan Cooperative can create individual designs best suited to the end product, whether it may be a bag, dress, shirt or shoe.

Black and White Collection

 Here at San Juan Cooperative we are your link to have the perfect textile woven and created for you. Our CAD team can produce & create your custom patterns & designs.

With cut and sew manufacturing by SJC Apparel, you get completely customized garments created from raw fabrics and stitched to perfection by our experienced and dedicated seamstresses. It’s not just screen printing a mass-produced blank t-shirt — with SJC Cut and Sew Garment Production, "you" are creating the garment, from fabric choice to stitch to final decorations. Go above and beyond the next brand — and produce truly custom product for your clients.

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Hand Dyed - Hand Spun - Hand Woven

All fabrics are entirely handmade from the picking of the cotton and silk to the spinning and dying processes then finally to the weaving.

Each design can be custom created to fit the the feel and texture you require for your application. Many of the woven fabrics are integrated into bags, shoes, belts dresses and other garments. 

The tightness and design of the weave as well as the natural cotton and silk blends offer the ultimate variation of heavy and coarse to ultra fine and silky finishes. 

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Dillon Oberholzer

is the founder and creative force behind San Juan Cooperative , a not for profit cooperative based on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala . With over thirty years of experience in the melding of ats, crafts, and some of the latest oganic technology through sustainable development programs and projects Dillon brings authenticity to every product he presents..

A global traveller, Dillon has explored the world to discover unexpected materials and unique worldwide artisans styles and techniques to integrate into the "San Juan Coperative Collection"

Dillon works with Artists and crafters across Lake Atitlan who are best suited to make each of our products; using the most steadfast construction methods to support our product lines.