Dillon Francis Oberholzer

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Running and operating this dry dock was a pleasure. Simply throw a tarp over it when it rains or snows and you have a hot box under the lights.

I am sorry I didn't keep it. 

I owned and operated this dry dock for 18 months (2003 and 2005) as part of Diamond Blue Marine

• Full yacht refits

• Repowers

• Electrical

• Repainting

• Re-calking up to 70-foot wooden boats

• Interiors

• Electrical Work

• Yacht Hull Extensions

Dillon Francis Oberholzer

Custom Design - Manufacturing - Management


Special EPA permits and licences were required to operate this dry dock on the Puget Sound.

This forced me to design a water circulation and recovery system which was adopted by the EPA as a blue print for all water retention systems for boatyards across the USA.