Ferro-Cement Construction




As this is basically a composite construction, only the substrate is different. 

Dealing with metal oxidation and fatigue can be a little daunting at first but once you have the cancer stripped clear you can tackle the areas quite easily as the affected areas are crumbly and the red oxidation is clearly visible.

 Any softening of the outer epoxy and or de-lamination of the outer skin and you have your areas of concern identified. 

Simply chisel out the cancer.. don't be shy!

Once the area has been cleaned and cleared you can prep the metal bars and mesh with a rust converter prior to laminating with epoxy. 

Take care to layer your laminates to maximize the adhesion and strengthen the repair.

I promise to add more information on Ferro Cement Manufacturing, processes and repairs. If you are in need of immediate assistance you may call or contact me through this web site.

My career in boat building has taken many a turn. As a Boat Yard and marine service company owner, one has to cater their clients requirements and wishes whilst covering the costly overheads which can be a juggle at times.

As a marine professional, when dealing with boats you always have two clients; the boat owner and the boat its self.

Although you may make the client happy, your reputation is always on the line. The next owner of the boat, or the other boat owners in the marina in which the client boat is birthed may look at the work you have done and give you a bad name if the work done is a little wild or "out there!"

Keeping within the lines of the boat is always a good idea. Traditional lines I enjoy following, even though much of my work has been in multi-hulls and modern styling,  incorporating composite materials. 

Above in the three buttons you have links to what I regard as the three main materials of construction available with projects for clients showing my experience in these areas.

I have worked in the fourth ..... CEMENT !