Starting out in High School My Father opened the first multiracial Open Air  and indoor market in South Africa, paving the way for the integration of non-white business and entrepreneurs  to enter the commercial areas of South Africa. This market later known as Green Market Square  had at the time over 800 booths outside and 100 inside and has now grown to be part of the municipal management.

From the age of 16 - I have been involved with the family businesses in one way shape or form. 

At the age of 21 - I owned and ran a  direct sales company with offices in four major cities in South Africa and employed over 30 sales agents,

I have done sales trips to the USA, UK ,EU. Australia and Central America.

In the USA between owning Tourist shops in Poulsbo WA, Niagara Falls, Buffalo and the Twin Towers. I ran two show circuit rigs I nick named the spider tour for 3 years, This involved two sets of show booths operating in the northern and southern stated of the USA . On average I spoke to 60,000 people per weekend (Thursdays through Sundays) 50 weeks a yea for 3 years. Normally I would travel between the  shows while they were setting up or breaking down and  moving to the next location.

In South Africa I managed the In-Flight Flying Trapeze  troupe promoting and selling shows for 20 artists this also involved the movement of over 50 tons of equipment. The shows I promoted sold and organized were designed for the openings of shopping centers, and state- county and National Fairs.

Having owned and operated successful marine companies between 2001 and 2014 I have had thousands of clients and had hundreds of employees. From East and West coasts of the USA, in Panama, Guatemala and Nassau the amount of work I have done boggles the mind.

My sales and marketing experience spans numerous fields and industries.

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Dillon Francis Oberholzer