Dillon Francis

Custom Design - Manufacturing - Project Management

Marina - Boatyard

Technical & Management  Abilities. 

Technical Abilities

  • Arc and MIG Welding & Brazing (above & below water)

  • Electrician (12V / 24V / 36V / 110V / 220-240V / 360V-520V systems)

  • General Light Equipment Mechanics (Basic)

  • Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanics (Basic)

  • Hydro Power (vane design & stress calculations) systems design, manufacture and install

  • Marine Engineering (vessel and systems & related trouble shooting)

  • Marine Electrical - Technician (for install and maintenance)

  • Marine Equipment Electrician - incl. software interface for multi-platform& multi-language systems.

  • Millwright Capabilities for metal, wood and composites

  • Plumbing / positive and negative pressure systems as well as their design, manufacture & installation

  • Sheet Metal Working / (304/ 316 stainless / Aluminum / phosphor bronze)

  • Stationary Equipment Engineering and Auxiliary Equipment Operator (generators, pumps and cranes to bulldozers)

  • Marine design / architectural elements for load and stress calculations for various vessel and systems components.

  • Hydraulic equipment and systems.

  • Capability & capacity to comprehend, operate and maintain most marine systems and engineering equipment on board ship / yacht as well as troubleshoot failures, advise on limitations and repair as required to restore systems' functions

  • Execute and track maintenance schedules to keep the ship’s / boat’s engineering equipment in prime condition.

  • Propulsion Systems:  Gas and diesel turbine engines and associated systems, including gearing and shafting.

  • Generators and power distribution systems, including primary power systems, (on-board & shore-power based with leakage evaluation and remediation design and system install for docks and boats).

  • Fitted and portable damage control and firefighting equipment. Maintenance, install, design and  installation.


  • Emergency Protocol Management / EH&S for hazardous materials handling, environmental impact assessments in case of spill or accidents.

  • Hazardous Exposure Scenario Authoring,

  • Evacuation Protocol design including those for onboard experts in firefighting and damage control for larger vessels. (specifically pertaining to hazardous chemicals)

  • Ship yard and production facility safety protocol authoring (EH&S)

 Manufacturing Management Sail - Garments - Upholstery  


  • Making sure material use, ordering and pattern cutting are co-ordinated.

  • Consolidation and integration of project parameters within inter-related fabrication departments, regarding material design and usage to maximize profit margin and minimize wastage as far as possible, in alignment with the Materials Sourcing Strategy. (Stripes and patterns normally require high attention to detail).

  • Develop patterns with the shortest production lead-time, digitize and clean physical templates. Commercial Strategy, highest production quality, client satisfaction and best price. • Co-ordinate and plan materials development project.

  • Co-ordinate the approval of materials to meet performance and quality standard for client requirements during the development and production stages.

  • Manage the materials database in PLM and cross reference client orders and pattern database.

  • Work with the Production team to solve any material's related production-line issues and co-ordinate / liaise with clients therefore.

  • Incorporate sustainability initiatives into all materials and product development without compromising the material's functional requirements.

Commercial and Construction Notes

Providing technical expertise to designers and clients has been one of the main areas I have spent much of my time doing. Specifically in regard to the incorporation and identification of new innovative materials systems and methodology in various industries.

This work has spanned

  • Structural laminate schedules incorporated into yacht manufacturing and component production.

  • Marine Tool fabrication.

  • Fabric mills and weavers (UV stabilization / Mold- bacteria resistance / rub count analysis).

  • Marina dock design.

  • Osmosis Remediation for GRP Marine Construction.

  • Desalination Systems.

  • Deep Ground Water Remediation for Oil & Gas drilling.

  • Bacterial remediation protocols for Food packing and production Plants.