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Antimicrobial Diversity Assays


The antimicrobial nano particle I am using has had the best results with the easiest direct fruit application in the banana industry.  We have had excellent results using the product as a fruit wash but as a crown coating for bananas it is great.

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We treat both the packaging and the materials it is made from, whether it be pulp paper products or polymer-plastics with our bio-static antimicrobial coatings and additives. 


These coatings are designed to last 30, 60, 90, days or more with a 100 % surface kill rate.  In other words, whatever we coat not only kills (Mechanically not chemically) all bacteria and due to the bio-static action of the nano-particle it attracts bacteria, moulds, algae and fungi from the air, around the fruit and off the fruit itself. 


As there is a direct relationship between bacteria counts and the shelf life of organic foods and fruits, by measuring the bacteria counts, (CFU's) throughout the packing process you can determine both the quality and value as well as more easily control the ripening stages as the bacteria factor has been eradicated.


A lot of the work I have done has involved EH&S protocol design for the use and implementation for the antimicrobial across many agricultural industries. 


The approximate cost per banana crown is 0.25 cents (USD) plus packing line application time being 2-3 seconds per crown.


The surface treatment for packaging would run in at around 1 cent (USD) per square meter for a 1-2 month efficacy period. For longer efficacy times  higher concentrations would be required and designed according to the fruit specie and your requirements.


How big is your plant, how many shipping containers are you packing or processing per month and what produce are you working with?


I normally work on a consultancy basis (minimum 3 months) during which time I will assay and design EH&S bacterial protocols for your facilities, farms and process chain. This work is normally done in concert with your EH&S team. The antimicrobial products are sold separately as required. 

Some of the features of my consultancy include...

1. Setting up Bio-Diversity monitoring zones throughout the process chain.

2. Bio-Diversity assay and report for produce and packing-processing chains. (for bacteria algae & moulds) 

3. Remediation Protocol design with relevant anti-microbial product design.

4. Staff training in usage and implementation of products & protocols.

5. Staff training in monitoring and maintaining bacterial assays.

6. All mobile laboratory equipment (9001 ISO compliant) and independent laboratory verification. 

7. For USA Exports -  USDA, FDA, EPA, OSHA regulatory compliance -  

8. For EU Exports -     REACH & ECHA,  regulatory compliance.



The average bacterial reduction ranges, across all industries, are upwards of 70 %.


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