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We have been doing substantial research into fungal mange issues affecting the canine population in Central america. After working with nano particle formation which works as a broad spectrum antimicrobial we are eliminating the spread of fungal mange without the use of antibiotics and applying the product as a topical spray. 

This Nano particle we first developed to curb secondary infections in hospitals and as the results were in the 80% range we has veterinary clinics applying for trials.

The greatest problem in the Veterinary clinics in Central America is that the grooming areas and the operating - examination rooms are normally in close proximity.

When an assistant is busy with one dog he might be called in to assist with another. Thus a dog can come into a clinic perfectly healthy but the transference of pathogens bring him back to the clinic a week later.

The BMS antimicrobial shields protect the dogs, dog owners and the Veterinary staff. This has truly made a great difference in the health of the animals and population in the rural towns of Central America.

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